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Monday, December 14, 2009

OMG...Yesterday got drill practice cause drill test is just round the corner. So yesterday got drill practice for 3hrs & was about to end when the vison was super blur that i tried to do everything jus couldn't get the vision back. So no choice squad down & my so called drill instructor ask me to fall out but i didn't fall out. I just stand up & sit one side.

Haiz... tomorrow got drill practice from 9-1. It is a 4 hrs duration. I just hope i wont fill like fainting again cause the feeling is very scary.

ps... If the spelling is wrong

Reyna at 7:26 PM

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hi everybody! jus came back from cca camp today at 6 plus. It was a 3 day 2 night camp. It was a fun & experiencing camp but tiring. Because the 1st day went to safra to have rafting. Then the 2nd day had hike, outdoor cooking - lunch, cake icing, drill & omega night. During the omega night, there were so much laughters & we had to do a short play. So my squad sang 2 songs which are 'joy in our squad' & 'copyright melody of love story' but we changed some of the lyrics. During the bathing time, some of us were given 2 mins to bathe as we were caught for wearing ankle socks & i was one of them. At that time, when our mdm told us that we were only given 2 mins for those who were caught, i was thinking where got the time to bathe? So for those given 2 mins to bath, we had no choice but not to put soap as when we were in the toilet, half way through putting our things & mdm told us that 1 min had pass so we jus scoop the water like a few times before wearing our clothes. During the 1st or 2nd day, at about 1 plus in the night, we were woken up by our mdms just to train us to change to our cca full-uni. We were given 2 mins to change to our sleeping clothes & 3 mins to change to our full uni. So when mdm woke us up, I thought it was time to wake up so took my toothbrush & was about to wash up when i thought how could it be. So look at the timing & realised it was only 1 plus so faster take all my uniform + parts & ran into the toilet. By the time we finish doing everything then mdm told us that we exit the 3 mins so told us to fall out & change back to our sleeping clothes & fall back in once we are done. We did that changing alot of times so during the changing, in order to be before 3 mins, i just put on my full uni & it really work. So finally at about 2 plus went to bed. So the 3rd day had quiet time, breakfast, service, drill, lunch, teambuilding game, area cleaning, squad appreciation, vesper & home sweet home by then it was already 6 plus. So dad went to pick mi up, had a nice bath & immediately went over to my house opposite 4 dinner & went home after dinner. That's the end for today. Good night readers, sleep well & have a happy holiday.

Reyna at 4:49 AM

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Ytd went to do some errands with friends and cca mdm till 4 plus. Next time continue posting cuz got to get ready to go out. Bye

Reyna at 8:57 PM

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Last few days bo blog cause stayed at cousin's house. Desiree was so cute but sometimes playful. Stayed there 2 days 1 night. Last day abt 7 plus went to eat dinner with my cousins. Enjoy the photo

Reyna at 12:42 AM

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Long to have a pet from the day i started seeing the first animal but couldn't keep due to my mum & bro having sinus.

It all began when i was in pri 5/6, pass my exam & mum/dad brought mi a tortoise. I was overwhelmed with joy that i had a pet after much persuation. From the day, when i bought the tortoise, i feed it, bath it, did everything but it jus doesn't want to eat the food we gave. So one day, mum like force the food to the tortoise mouth but the tortoise bit my mum's finger. And if i recalled clearly, the next day we let go of the tortoise at "Xiao Gui Ling" located at bukit batok there. From then on, I didn't keep/have any pet. And ytd, played pool at kovan with dad & bro till 4 plus or 5 plus. Took bus to our place to buy dinner & pass by a shop selling puppies onli. So dad & bro left mi there to see while they buy dinner. OMG all the puppies there were so cute especially the one i carried. So after seeing, went to find dad at the kopitiam. Finish buying dinner & head home. After that at abt 8.04 reach grandma's place. NOW WISH TO KEEP AN ANIMAL AGAIN.

Reyna at 4:42 PM

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Woke up at 11 plus, did the things i am suppose to do. But somewhere around 12 plus, played psp, keeep missing, Jus don't know wads up in my mind. Then somewhere 1 plus eat lunch, GM* called mi but didn't hear. Like around the fifth times, she called me then i come to respond. WHAT THE HELL IS IN MY MIND OR AM I THINKING? WHY ISN'T MY MOOD HERE TODAY? Anyway later around 5 plus got go out with dad to AMK or AMK HUB sure will play games de. So i hope that during gaming, i will stop thinking & jus have fun.

*GM= Grandma

Reyna at 9:57 PM

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Suppose to wake up at 10am but overslept till 11 plus then wake up. So wash up, change pillow & boster cover. After changing, did some assessment like maths & science etc, had a bath & abt 1 plus bro came home but not long went out. So at 2pm used com & at the same time had lunch. ( At 4, switched off the com & watch tv till mum came home at 7 plus. So had dinner. After dinner watch tv again then 11 plus went to sleep. )----> PREDICTING

Reyna at 11:28 PM

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